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You/We Manage Full Virtual Domain
Includes 100 megabytes of disk storage, (10,000mb traffic), your own cgi-bin, ftp accounts for uploading, pop email accounts,  forwarding e-mail boxes, and much more outlined below. 

You Manage $29.95. per year for 100 megabyte Server Space. 

We Manage: $29.95 + Labor (Click here for our Labor Costs)

Web Control Panel
Web Based Email
100 POP email addresses
10 FTP accounts
10 SSH accounts
Microsoft FrontPageŠ Ext
(SSL) Secure Server
Chili!Soft ASP
Real Audio & Video MIVA Empressa
MySQL & PHP (5 databases)
Wusage Traffic Stats
Referrer & Error Logs
1000 Search Engine Submission
Unlimited mailing lists

Unlimited Autoresponders
1000 Email Aliases
Redundant connections
Your own local CGI-bin
Java, PERL, shtml, Shockwave
C++, TCL, & Python
Password Protected Directories
CGI-Email Scripts
Form Mail Scripts
Keyword Site Search Engine
Bulletin Board
Page Counter
Does not include  Domain Name Registration Fee of $35.  We will Do The registering and bill you if you do not already have a domain name address!

Contact us for service at:  sales@developtech.com

DTA Account Add-Ons-Additional Charges:

Merchant CC Account $250 setup
        Secure Gateway Fees $25/month
        Monthly statement fee $6.00
        Monthly Minimum $20.00
        Per transaction fee $0.40
Parked Domains $40 setup
Additional POP Email $10 setup
Additional FTP $25 setup
Additional Shell $50 setup
MX Record Change $30 setup
A Record Changes $30 setup
Extra Disk Space $.50 mb/annually
Domain Name Registration with VeriSign $35.00

Contact us for pricing for your custom service needs at sales@developtech.com

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